2024 – The Year of Content

It’s been a while since I created content online. While getting caught up in eCommerce and more traditional IT, I have neglected creating anything on my personal sites. This is akin to a mechanic working on cars all day long and coming home not wanting to touch his own car. Online marketing was always a side gig for me, and I looked forward to it as a relief from my manufacturing life. Now when I get home it’s usually the last thing on my mind.

So what is coming? Well I know WordPress and know I don’t want to be wasting time securing and managing a WordPress. My time is much better spent putting ideas and knowledge down in blog posts and website content!

So down the rabbit hole we go…

I first looked at the Astro.build web framework front end and had visions of running WordPress headless. Let WordPress play the CMS roll it’s so good at without exposing the ugly parts of WordPress that make it a hacking target and slow loading bloated software. But in the end I think I found the best compromise which still provides all the benefits and less setup and maintenance. WordPress + Simply Static Plugin will allow a blogger to keep WordPress tucked away from prying eyes while still allowing the ease of use and popular themes. This is probably the fastest way to get a site up and running, add content quickly and get a website that is fast and secure. Of course there are other things to consider, search, comments and other dynamic content you may want to incorporate in your site… that is all surmountable and will be covered in upcoming posts. (hint: this site is a test bed for this method so you can already see some of the solutions which will be covered in the future)