About Me

Kevin Schappell

I grew up in the 1980’s with an Apple ][e with no hard drive, just floppy disks. I learned basic programming language in the 5th grade and my love computers just grew from there. I have also loved cars and trucks, having owned over 40 vehicles in my life so far.

My first website came to be around 1998 and was built in MS Frontpage… I know I am dating myself! It was a simple classified site allowing used cars to be listed online. I ran a banner add on the homepage of a local ISP, costing $400/month. From the add I started gathering used car leads and most months would gross $800, not a bad first site. It was my introduction into the internet lead business and affiliate marketing. This would grow to being one of the top new/used car lead provider in the country moving over 100 leads per day at the peak.

My college days were spent studying Mechanical Engineering and the first 15 years after college I spent in manufacturing, programming CNC machines and making molds in an aluminum foundry.

Around 2009 I left the manufacturing world and made the leap to internet marketing and eCommerce full-time. Pulling from my affiliate marketing experience as well as programming I have enjoyed optimizing conversion rates, backend coding and everything else involved in B2C eCommerce.