Eating on the Carnivore Diet while Traveling

Traveling when following a Carnivore Diet can be challenging at times, but it’s not much different than Keto or Paleo. Here are a few quick tips…

  • Steak!!! Most restaurants will have steak on the menu and will prepare to your liking.
  • Watch the sauces for hidden carbs and seed oils. Make it plain and add salt to flavor.
  • It’s ok to not be 100% clean (at least for me) and not get carb cravings. Your mileage may vary.
  • Appetizers like cheese plates, wings (not breaded) and non-breaded shrimp can be a good starter while the rest of the table is eating their salads and non-clean appetizers.
Carnivore Friendly Meal At Disney Hotel

If you are in Disney and close to the Dolphin & Swan hotel, check out Rosa Mexicano for a Carnivore Friendly menu at a reasonable price! At the time of this post, $48 + Tip for the NY Strip and Chorizo Sausage from the ร€ la carte menu. During my week long stay this has been my go-to meal.